A Digital And Cooperative School At The Service Of Child Development.

Our concept of cooperative pedagogy is very fashionable, very precursory and carries a new humanity. This cut across all new pedagogies such as Freinet, Montessori, Steiner and neuroeducation, it integrates the values ​​of social justice, cooperation, creativity, social and geographical inclusion and ingenuity.


Our educational team must be caring, courteous, positive, patient and firm to lead your children towards responsibility and autonomy.

Trained in cooperative, positive and active pedagogy by our trainer, she ensures that she trains people endowed with moral sense and human values ​​(no violence, discrimination, no judgment).

“All human beings have the same potential, their degree of awakening differs”


From TPS (2 years) to GS/CP1 (6 years and children who did not receive French-language education at an early age).

Our Students Are Initiated :

  • In Mastering French language (mime, theatre).
  • To Mathematics.
  • To Graphics.
  • To the Discovering of the world.
  • In everyday life.
  • To the psychomotricity that prevails over knowledge.


Education and diplomas recognized by the Guinean Ministry of Literacy and National Education:

The basic lessons (French, mathematics, science) are carried out using school books from the French market and follow the Guinean national education program.

Secondary lessons (ECM, History, Geography, IT, etc.) are carried out using school books from the Guinean market and supplemented by research from our teaching staff.

Teaching and diplomas recognized by the French national education system:

  • Basic lessons (French, mathematics, science) are carried out using school books from the French market and follow the French national education program sent by the CNED;
  • Secondary education (ECM, History, Geography, IT, etc.) follows Guinean and French education sent by the CNED;
  • Each month, in addition to those of the school, examinations are carried out by the pupils in French, mathematics, moral and civic education, plastic arts, musical awakening and sports and physical education ;and corrected by the national teaching center in distance (CNED) which will issue a school report recognized by the French Ministry of National Education.

By opting for this course, your child will also sit for national exams. He will therefore have a binational school record. The advantage is that your child will be exempted from any entrance exam if he decides to attend any French and French-speaking school emanating from the French Ministry of National Education.


(Digital room-toy library room)

Our Asset? A Pedagogical quality for all (20 students maximum per class)!